Happy Friday you guys! Don’t you just love that fab Friday feeling? The working week is almost done and the weekend is just around the corner, a blissful time for catching up with friends over a drink or a lazy lunch with your loved one. Isn’t it crazy how a lot of what we do during the weekend revolves around food and drink! It can be such fun, but if it interferes with your plan of living healthy and feeling good, it can leave you bloated and stressed out.

I often hear clients say, “I’m fine mid-week, but the weekends are a so tough!” Why is this?

We spend all week doing our best to eat healthy and squeeze exercise into our hectic schedules only to undo all of our lovely work in two short days. We call it “treating” ourselves. But how many of you crawl out of bed on a Monday morning filled with regrets and a sugar hangover!?

Imagine waking up on Monday morning guilt free and bursting with energy? Ok, this might be a bit too optimistic but you know what I’m getting at.

When you eat well and move more you feel good, right? So why do you do the complete opposite at weekends? Because you deserve it? I actually think you deserve more! You deserve to feel good when you wake up to a new week, rested, healthy and guilt free.

How is this possible?

The 5/2 diet disaster

First of all, there are 7 days in the week. If we aim to develop healthy habits every day and look at our week as 7 days, not 5 and 2, this will be a great first step.  The yoyo idea of restricting yourself for 5 days and splurging on junk for the remaining 2 days is bananas! IT JUST DOESN’T WORK. We want to create a healthy life not a healthy few days.


Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the treats – I have a chocolate covered one sitting in front of me right now – in fact I think we need to treat ourselves a lot, not just as a reward for working hard, but because life short and precious.  We are here to live happily, not to be miserable and let’s face, chocolate + cheese = happy.  It’s all about the BALANCE and making informed decisions that ultimately make you feel well.

Restricting yourself to bland, boring foods mid-week means you’re more likely to jump head first into the sugar bowl come Friday evening. Living for the weekend so that you can dump the diet and have all of those forbidden foods clearly means you are on the wrong path and it’s time to find a new approach that works for YOU.

Clean and Colourful

I try to approach every meal I eat, regardless of the day, with the clean and colourful question. When you eat ask yourself, “Is it clean? Is it colourful?” and I swear you can’t go wrong. Clean foods tend to be healthy – think grilled chicken caprese salad – minimal grease and full of goodness.

grilled chicken

Colourful foods are packed with vitamins and nutrients – think spinach, feta & red pepper omelette. M&Ms don’t count I’m afraid! I find this helps me to make the healthy choice when in doubt.



Experiment – Love Food

Be open to experimenting with foods. Like anything, this takes effort. Learn about food and what makes you truly feel healthy, vibrant and at your best. Don’t tell me chipper chips make you feel alive! Ok, you may enjoy them and if you do then they should be part of your life from time to time – balance – you know what I mean.

What healthy foods do you actually like? Don’t live on rice cakes and avocado because someone on twitter says it’s the new super food. Find your food groove and enjoy the fantastic pleasure of eating, even on a Monday!

What if this weekend we try to change the carnage mentality? Let’s aim to make healthy choices all the time. Fancy cake? Have it! But make the healthier choice. Instead of having the processed fake stuff, make one of the millions of clean dessert recipes out there – you’ll get your sugar fix and the ingredients are more natural and kinder to your cells.


If like me you aren’t great with a rolling pin, there are lots of places around town sell clean snacks now so there’s no excuse!

Treat it like Tuesday

How do you eat on a Tuesday? Approach one of the weekend days with this attitude.

Sunday Fear

If you believe on Sunday night that you are heading into another week of lettuce filled hell then you will binge or whatever you can get your hands on. So ditch this way of thinking. Every day is a chance to feel great, to eat yummy food to nourish your beautiful body, so do just that!

love your body

Your body is a gem. It takes some amount of battering from us, physically and verbally for some, so be nice to it and if it fancies a glass of red don’t deny it for heaven’s sake, red is very colourful after all!

 Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Liz xx