Hey everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your lazy Sunday morning.  I wanted to share with you all some of my recent good news.  As you might have seen from my FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts I am doing a couple of new blogging ventures.  It’s really exciting and I am looking forward to the challenge.

Claire Burge

Claire is a wonderfully energetic and inspiring lady – she’s fabulously looney too which is why I believe we get on so well!  I won’t even try begin to detail all of her incredible achievements to date, nor will I attempt to delve into the many incredible projects she is involved in right now, but what I will say is that Claire can move mountains, she is the productivity queen of the world and if you haven’t already, you need to check her out for yourself .  I am hugely grateful and privileged to be part of her team of bloggers.

Introducing Positive Fitness for Productivity

The Virtuous Circle of Exercise and Confidence

the body




This mag needs no introduction.  If you are an Irish woman interested in fashion and fabulousness this is probably your bible!  So I’m sure you can understand my excitement about being the brand new image.ie Fitness Columnist and Running Club leader. We have SO much wellness up our sleeves for you all so keep your eyes and ears open – it’s gonna be epic!

Loving Your Work

Liz’s Fitness & Wellbeing Secrets

I really hope you get something from the blogs and that it can help you in some way.  My background isn’t in writing but I do enjoy it and I fell it’s a great way to reach out to people that I don’t meet regularly.

I would like to spread the Positive Fitness message, I want people to understand that fitness and wellbeing can be part of their lives, it can enhance and support you in more ways than you can imagine.  I would like to inspire people to take responsibility and control of their health, to help them make changes so that they can thrive.  I would like to replace the aggressive, perfectionist image that is out there about exercise and body image with a more realistic, attainable and positive one.

It is a wonderfully exciting time for me, Positive Fitness Project and all of you who continuously support and encourage me!  Thank you ALL, I appreciate it every single day and look forward to lots of fit & fabulous times ahead…

Liz x