positive eating

positive eating

I don’t advocate fad diets.

I believe in balance, learning about what food works for your body and your lifestyle, one size does not fit all. My mantra is clean and colourful, I try to approach each meal with this in mind: Clean – unprocessed, not too oily, healthy looking foods that haven’t been overcooked or sauced. Colourful – when you look at your plate is it colourful or is more white overall? The more colour on your plate the more nutritious it is. (Skittles don’t count!)

I have an 80/20 approach to fitness and nutrition.

Aim for 80% super clean, focused and healthy then you have some room, 20% to relax a bit and give in to those cravings. A balanced approach is the only way to achieve long term lifestyle changes.  If we tell ourselves we can never ever have chocolate again this will, at some point, lead to an all out binge and an ultimately miserable existence! Try to look at healthy food in a different way. Why does it have to be healthy v unhealthy, good v bad, strict v feck it!?  Make nourishing your body a more positive experience, know why you eat, when you eat, understand your body, what it needs, what it likes, what it craves and why and work with this. Help your body and mind to feel better, be mindful of how certain foods make you feel both in a positive way and a negative way. Understand this so that you are in control of it.  Know what makes you feel tired, lethargic, bloated, know that if you choose those foods or that level of exercise it will have a negative effect.  If you decide to eat those foods and train too much or too little then at least you know why – no frustration and guilt.  You know why and you can move on and with your newfound knowledge, choosing the foods and fitness that make you feel better. As part of one-to-one coaching I can help you understand and develop a healthy approach to food that is tailored to fit you and your life.

Use Positive Cleanse to help change your eating habits.

Every three months we do Positive Cleanse for three days. It includes 15 juices which will give your body a well-earned rest from processed, toxic foods and  helps you wise up to the effects of caffeine and refined sugar.