personal training


personal training

Each one of us is on a different path, with unique goals and different challenges. Everything we do during a 1-to-1 session is focused on you – your schedule, your abilities, your dreams and your fears.

We will work closely together, and I will help you to understand your body more and learn about good food and nutrition based on YOUR goals. With so many mixed messages out there, many of my clients are really confused about food and fitness. Learning what works for you is the key.

Personal training is just that: personal. It’s your time, for your body to achieve your personal goals.

MOTIVATION is what keeps us moving. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an elite athlete, we all need help to remain focused and inspired.

Keeping in touch outside of our sessions makes a huge difference – it helps you stay on track and refocus if you waver. When people feel out of their depth or aren’t seeing results as quickly as they hoped, it’s very easy to give up. That’s what I’m there to help with – we work as a team.

COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY are two key elements of making a change to your lifestyle.

We will commit to the work outs, the food, the mindset and we will do this again and again until one day it will all fall into place, and you’ll never look back!


Each package includes a consultation, full body analysis (measurement, body fat, weight), an at home fitness and nutrition plan and the most important thing: SUPPORT.

Weight Loss

A program based primarily on reducing body fat and weight. Reducing weight and body fat is not just about exercise, so Liz’s focus is twofold, and entered around nutrition and fitness education. Her aim is to train and teach you so that you have the tools to change and maintain  your body weight.


Increase Fitness

If you are stuck in a rut with your training, Liz can take you to the next level with tailor-made programs to suit whatever fitness goal you would like to achieve.


Train For An Event

Half marathon? Marathon? Triathlon? Whatever sporting event you want to prepare your body and mind for, Liz has the experience and expertise to get you to the finish line.


I have seen people transform, lives change, dreams achieved. Whatever your goal is, we will achieve it together. Are you ready to change your life?

“Do it now, sometimes later becomes never”