move your body, nourish your mind, love your SELF.

learn how to make yourself feel great.


Yoga is for everyone – you don’t have to be flexible or fit just open your heart and your mind and jump on your mat!


Spinning, circuits, Buns & Guns or running at all levels – everyone is welcome.


Learn about what food works for your body and lifestyle. No dieting, no guilt.

2018 wellness retreats

Beautiful retreats that will give you space to rest and reignite your spark.

need motivation?

I don’t know how but she pushes you hard then makes you want to go back for more…

love to spin?

Liz’s passion, energy and positive encouragement makes a really tough class great fun.

ready to retreat?

Liz made us all feel right at home, and created a wonderful weekend of wholesome self-care

latest blog posts

To juice, or not to juice…

Juicing is a way to reboot your system, energise your body, kick habits and feel cleansed. It is NOT a fad diet, it is an addition to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Spreading the Positive Fitness Project word

Hey everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your lazy Sunday morning.  I wanted to share with you all some of my recent good news.  As you might have seen from my FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts I am doing a couple of new blogging ventures.  It's really exciting and...

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Half Marathon Lessons

Nature’s beauty has a way of catapulting you back to what’s really important, what’s really real. It’s not about you and your run; it’s about a lot more than that. Mother Nature calls the shots and we better believe it!

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Monday Blues

We all know the Sunday evening fear factor – especially if you’ve been away at a hen party like me! The weekend is drawing to a close and yet another week looms. It’s definitely getting easier with the brighter evenings and mornings, but Mondays can be tough to...

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How bad is sugar?

I am giving up sugar forever and will never eat as much as a raisin for the rest of my life – ever! Am I the only one that has dabbled in this way of thinking? Is it just me or have you Googled “How to give up sugar” at 1am after a night of over doing it on the ‘oul...

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Eat Out, Eat Clean

Yummy wholesome clean eating restaurants to try this weekend; Staple I just love the food here and the vibe is really cosy and chilled. The great thing about the menu is that it is both vegan and carnivore friendly so the Fleury’s are happy out here! Totes Try; almond...

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Survive an Injury

If you move, sadly at some point you will get injured. Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone who exercises just to stay fit, injury will surely interrupt your routine at some point. If you are a newbie a sudden injury may make you want to throw in the...

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Weekends don’t have to be your weakest link

  Happy Friday you guys! Don’t you just love that fab Friday feeling? The working week is almost done and the weekend is just around the corner, a blissful time for catching up with friends over a drink or a lazy lunch with your loved one. Isn’t it crazy how a lot of...

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