February 1st and a new month dawns. I have to say I love the beginning of a new month, especially this time of year. It means the wintery months are coming to a close and spring is on the way. We had a lovely walk today in Greystones today, it was fairly Baltic in fairness, but the fresh air and blue sky really makes you feel good, it’s medicine for the soul I say!

I had a quick look at Twitter and Facebook when we came home and I wasn’t surprised to see the myriad posts about “New Month, New You” fitness regimes and to do lists. Cue a huge sigh! Don’t get me wrong, I am all about having a plan and working towards it. It really helps me. I think we all need to take control of our lives and do our very best to make our lives meaningful and happy. But sometimes we need a break from the to do list, even just a little one!

Can we take our eye off the ball for a little while, just to BE? Is it ok if we just do our best, turn up every day and smile? Must we vow to embark on an elaborate fitness program or extreme diet regime just because it is the beginning of a new month?

I know some of you mightn’t have had the greatest month. January can be tough. We set ourselves great intentions and to our dismay the plan doesn’t go the way we wanted it to. It’s cold, the evenings are dark and that super optimistic plan you made is just too much! If that’s the case maybe February 1st is a great time for you to give it another bash. Great!

Just don’t forget to be kind to yourself. As I said in my Jan 1st post, take your time, take baby steps. Don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t done exactly what you said you would this time last month. Keep trying lads. We are all works in progress and we were never meant to be perfect. Breathe for feck sake!

If you love making plans for the month ahead and strive to achieve more or tick something off your list of intentions, DO IT!

If not, that’s totally ok, honestly! You are VERY normal and there isn’t something wrong with you, even if social media alludes to it.

Life is a journey, a long lovely journey so stop putting yourself under pressure if you don’t have a plan. Live every moment with fervour. Be proud of the things you did. Don’t berate yourself for the things that didn’t get done, maybe it was for a reason and if that reason was because you were too tired or too high on New Year’s endorphins when making the overly optimistic plan, grand!

Take each day and live it as best you can. Make decisions based on what is best for your body and mind and you can’t go wrong.


Happy random Sunday peeps!

Liz xx

just be