We all know the Sunday evening fear factor – especially if you’ve been away at a hen party like me! The weekend is drawing to a close and yet another week looms. It’s definitely getting easier with the brighter evenings and mornings, but Mondays can be tough to stomach. So how can we make Mondays a little easier to handle…

Here are a few things that have helped me with those Monday blues;

  1. Have everything ready the night before. Get whatever you need for the day/week ready on Sunday, this means you will have a fresh, less stressful start to the week.
  2. Get up a little earlier on Monday morning. It might seem like the hardest thing to do, but getting up a little earlier and making your Monday morning ritual less stressful will help to set you up for a good day. You could do some exercise, even take a quick walk. I find being out in nature in the morning can really help you to feel a lot more enthusiastic about the day ahead. Use the extra time to get yourself together gently before the rest of the house wakes up. Have your morning coffee, tea, lemon in water, whatever you like, in comfort, taking time to enjoy it.
  3. Plan a lunch or coffee date with friends. It’s something nice to look forward to; after all, fun isn’t reserved just for the weekend! Go mad!
  4. Keep your to do list small. If you start the week with a huge list of tasks it can be very overwhelming. Having a plan for the week is important but be kind to yourself. If you can, try to do as many of the less painful tasks on Mondays. I don’t mean you should leave everything until the end of the week, that’s a head melt, but go easy on yourself and keep your Mondays balanced.
  5. Oftentimes we think of Monday as day 1 of the diet. Try to get out of this mind set. Don’t punish yourself if you fell off the wagon over the weekend. Learn and move on. It’s not about perfection, it’s about balance. Try to enjoy your food and plan to eat foods that are clean, nutritious but that you actually enjoy.
  6. Workout on Mondays. It really sets you up for the weekend. I find when I miss my Monday workout I’m catching up with myself for the entire week. Try to take a fun class or meet a friend for a work out. It’s something to look forward to and a positive, healthy way to begin the week.
  7. Practice and attitude of gratitude. When I’m having a bad Monday I try to remind myself “this too shall pass…” And it’s true; it’ll be Friday before we know it!

Have a great one… don’t let Mondays take you down!

Liz x