Small changes to your food that can help your body thrive

I’ve been reading a lot recently about how so much of our foods are manipulated to taste better for us at the mercy of our health. This is making us sick and I’m not talking about the flu. There are so many nasty’s in products that we believe to be healthy and good for us. I find it quite frustrating because most of us are doing our best to choose the healthier life and even at that we are getting hoodwinked. So I would like to share 7 foods that can be highly toxic and cause problems in the body in the hope that this will give you some clarity.

I don’t want to rain on your parade, Sundays are hard enough!! But I do believe that it is up to us to take responsibility for our health. You can only do your best so please don’t freak out when you read this post; it’s supposed to help you make small changes. There’s no need to take it to the extreme. It’s healthy food for thought.

Be mindful of the foods you eat and drinks you consume. Balance is key and essentially we want to aim to reduce the toxins in our body and replace them with real foods that nourish us from the inside out.

food qMicrowave Popcorn

I used to love this growing up so and was shocked to find out that there are many chemicals and toxins in that deliciously smelling bag of pop. The bag itself is said to contain a chemical known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which has been linked to certain cancers. The soybean or palm oil that is used in a lot of brands is a refined, processed and genetically modified. If that wasn’t bad enough the popcorn is apparently preserved using propyl gallate (E310) which is linked to stomach irritations, kidney and liver issues.

Better Option: Make your own using a pot, popcorn, coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt if needed.



Don’t worry, fruit is SOOO good for you and needs to be part of any balanced diet, your body will thrive with natures’ sweet treats.  It is really important though to wash your fruit and where possibly buy organic. Fruit tends to be covered in pesticides and other not-so-appetising chemicals. These chemicals are wreaking havoc on our bodies so always wash your fruit and you can continue to enjoy ones of nature’s most fabulous gifts. If you

Better Option: Go for organic or get out those marigolds and get washing.


Fizzy Drinks

Ah sure we know the hell that these raise! Loaded with sugar, colourings and chemicals these bad boys are a haven for cancer cells. They make your body acidic which we really want to avoid because those cancer cells thrive here! Work on working these out of your diet for your cells sake, please.

Better Options: Water with real fruit and herbs to flavour – refreshing and rejuvenating.


White Flour

We all love our white bread – I’m in Paris this weekend and I have to say those baguettes are just scrumptious – but I do my best to choose the grainy, brown version mainly because I prefer it but also because I know it is so much better for me. White Flour, which is present in white bread, is nutrient free due to the refining process. It is also taste free and in order to make it more appetizing to us hungry humans, it is bleached with chlorine. DEELISH??!!?? It doesn’t sounds very enticing does it? I know for many people white flour is part of their daily diet, but please try to reduce your intake – it truly isn’t going to make your body feel healthy and happy.

Better Options: Whole wheat flour, spelt flower, coconut flour, rice flour, almond flour, quinoa flour.


Farmed Salmon

This is such a tricky one. Most of the salmon we buy in supermarkets is farmed, it’s actually quite difficult to find the wild, uncontaminated stuff. Farmed salmon are fed an unnatural diet which is said to be loaded with antibiotics and chemicals known to cause ill health. We eat a lot of salmon – wild and farmed – and while we have been advised by our fish monger that the farmed conditions are of very high standard I am questioning whether our weekly salmon fillet is doing us more harm than good?!

Better Option: If you can’t get wild salmon weekly ensure that you are getting your fish from a reliable source and try to have the wild version as much as possible.



Hydrogenated Oils

You would think by the name that Vegetable oils would be good for you but unfortunately us humans got involved again and had our wicked way with chemicals. The vegetable oils we find on our supermarket shelves have been chemically extracted from their source and treated with chemicals. If that wasn’t enough, to give them their taste and smell, another dose of chemicals are added.

Better Option:   Simplify it, stick to Coconut Oil for cooking and Olive Oil for salad dressings, then you won’t go wrong.



Trans fats, chemicals, artificial colours, preservatives…. You can almost see the complications in the body happening as you read those words. Crisps are fried at extremely high temperatures to give them their crunchy texture. This process creates a substance called acrylamide, which is a known carcinogen and also found in cigarettes.

Better Option;  Baked crisps, Kale Crisps, Quinoa Crisps. There are loads of options out there these days. Take time to find a healthier crunch to enjoy.


Diet Foods

Diet foods or low fat foods were the health foods of the eighties, nineties and noughties. We now know that these foods are loaded with chemicals that can wreak havoc on our beautiful bodies. They are usually full of aspartame, artificial colouring, flavours and preservatives. All of which are known to be cancer-causing agents. Steer clear and eat real foods with more flavour and health benefits.

Better Option: Opt for natural foods that are fresh, raw, whole and/or organic. Get back to nature!


I know sometimes it can be overwhelming, all the do’s and don’ts. What’s important is that we keep learning about food and nourish our body with wholesome foods that allow us to thrive and live a healthy, balanced life.

Good luck with it!

Liz x