Spinning is a high intensity kick ass class, I love it! You get the heart rate up, the endorphins pumping and there’s lots of laughs to be had.

The class is tough, but fun, and like all Positive Fitness classes you can take it at your own pace. The class is mixed level, which means that you control the resistance and gears. I will always challenge you, but only according to your capability. I love music and I think classes set to great high tempo music makes working out a lot easier.

Routines and music change regularly, so you won’t get bored. We climb, we jog, we sprint, we don’t dance (unless requested!), so if choreography isn’t your forte, don’t worry, this class won’t try to bring out the JLo in you!

First time to spin?

Arrive early to get your bike set up and have a chat with me before your first class. Bring water! You will sweat a lot, so be sure to have water not only during your class but before and after also. Have something small to eat 60-90 minutes before class to ensure you have the energy to cycle.

What to wear

Comfortable gym leggings or bottoms,  a light t-shirt / top and runners. There are showers and changing rooms available for post spin beautification.


From September 2016

Tuesday 12.45 – 1.30pm Cadence Indoor Cycling Theatre

Wednesday 7.45pm – 8.30pm Cadence Indoor Cycling Theatre

OR  get in touch 

Bike reservations

Please contact either http://www.cadence.ie/ or liz@positivefitnessproject.com

Fitness can be joyful. We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance. The best part? We’re all in it together!