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Buns & Guns

A female group fitness class which aims to sculpt your body, increase your fitness levels and get you stronger and leaner.

This is a multi-level energetic class and a lot of fun. Every week is different, so you are constantly challenged, and we are always aiming to improve. I will instruct and motivate you with the most innovative fitness techniques and exercises to unveil your best ever body. Buns & Guns is a super energetic class with a varied mix of people that will make you feel invincible!

When and Where?

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This class provides a fantastic total body workout as you move through a series of stations designed to elevate your heart rate and challenge your muscles. We will use body weight exercises, dumbbells, stability balls, skipping ropes, and more to make sure that every muscle of your body is worked out.

Moving from station to station really keeps your mind occupied and the time flies. This stop-start way of exercising, known as interval training, is a great way to increase fitness, burn fat and stimulate your metabolism. There are just too many reasons to try it!

Feel the energy of training with a group!