It’s summer, that fabulous time of year we all look forward to, those memory making moments, the holiday plans and the long leisurely evenings outdoors. Sadly along with these wonderful times looms the incredible the pressure to look “beach body perfect” – whatever that actually is!

Every year too many women feel ashamed of their bodies on the beach. Too many weeks are spent freaking out and self-judging because they aren’t beach “ready” – some are over exercising, under eating and wasting precious summer time to achieve perfection. And what is it all really for??

The reality is that NOBODY is perfect and NO BODY is perfect – NONE – so trying to achieve this is pointless. Any body, every body is a bikini body!

You fully deserve to be happy and it is possible. However if your sole purpose is become body perfect happiness will never be achieved because it does not exist! There is no perfect body. We are all perfectly imperfect whether we accept that yet or not – perfectly imperfect. You are enough as you are. You are a perfect, fabulous mess of uniqueness and that’s all ok!

So I challenge you – get interesting!  Don’t jump on the usual bandwagon of body hatred and shame before your beach holiday. Take a different approach to summer and even beyond. Let’s do our VERY best be realistic about our bodies? To approach our inner dialogue – yes the voices – in a more positive light.

When negative nelly knickers pipes up, shut her up and replace her with positive polly pants!  It’s worth a try because I don’t know about you but that “perfect” body plan hasn’t worked yet for me!

Learn and practice every day in all areas of your life to view your beautiful body – yes yours – as the extraordinary goddess inhabiting vehicle that it is. Promise to become best friends with your body. Treat it with love and appreciation and aim to find your best self this year.

Focus on your SELF.

Your self is so much more than the skin on your bones or the size of your thighs. Yes the outwardly appearance of your body is important but what about all of the other wonderful layers that you and your body have to offer the world?

Your body is a miracle which carries out extraordinary functions that keep you alive, help you thrive, breathe, move and feel. Every moment of every day without effort. This is something we must celebrate and nurture and celebrate again.

Real change and true happiness come with self-acceptance.

We live in a society where we are constantly told we need to change our lives –lose weight, built a butt, eat healthier, get a better job, earn more money – it’s never-ending! Rarely are we told that we are good enough just as we are.

Don’t get me wrong   – it’s ok to want to change. It’s ok to want to feel and look good on the beach or anywhere. Your intentions must however come from a place of love and acceptance of yourself. Otherwise it comes from a non-sustainable place of deprivation and negativity.

This can be difficult to do but through practice it is possible. Without it true change cannot happen. You may be able to fake it for a few kilos but it won’t be long-lasting, life-enhancing change. You must constantly remind yourself that you are enough.

This summer let’s move from feeling self-conscious to cultivating self-care.

You are what you think.

When you accept and love yourself, choices that you make will be for your benefit. You won’t be going to the gym to punish yourself for overeating, you will instead move your body because it’s fun – that means you don’t have to go to a smelly gym if you don’t want to! When you deeply care about your wellbeing you will exercise knowing that it is good for you and you want to be good to you.

Don’t forget, your body is incredibly intelligent. It knows what it needs and when you listen to it, truly listen, it will guide you well.