The first day of October and what a day it is. I went on a lovely run this morning in The Phoenix Park and was blown away by the beauty of it all. I have a huge place in my heart for the Phoeno and love it most days but today was super special. The trees had their best outfits on; the colours were incredible – reds, greens, oranges, yellows and even pinks. The sun seeping through the branches, reflecting onto the path – I could see the rays of light falling in front of me as I ran. Goose bump alert!!

I was feeling a tad tender this morning – MOONTIME – so I felt almost like Mother Nature was giving me a little hug, a

little bit of her love along the way. I might be mental, but it felt good!

Mother Nature Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the newness of it all. It’s like January but kinder, less brutal with less of a holiday hangover if you know what I mean?

It’s a chance to restart, refresh, and reenergise your life –IF YOU WANT TO of course!! As you might know I’m really into the idea of “resolutions” of forcing yourself to change just cause it’s the first of the month – New Month, New You phrases make my skin tingle in the not nice way!

However, the seasons are changing and with that nature, including you and me, are experiencing a shift in many areas of our lives, whether we realise it or not. Energy levels, sleep patterns, the way we eat, how we feel physical and mentally are all changing and I truly believe the way to maximise the wonderfulness of Autumn/Winter is to acknowledge these changes, work with them and embrace the bejaysus out of them – the alternative isn’t fun.

Slow Down

Slow Down

Look at the trees, the animals; they are all slowing down, getting ready for hibernation. Even the sun spends less time shining. It’s that time of year when you must give yourself permission to do the same. Allow time for yourself, cosy evenings in, restful, safe and nurturing. When we align ourselves with nature it creates less internal turmoil and we feel more balanced and grounded.

Move Your Body

While in summer it may be easier to get out and exercise, it is just as important to stick with exercising during the Autumn/Winter months. For many this time of year brings with it low energy and feelings of depression. Lack of exercise can help significantly so please try to keep on track with your exercise. If you want to slow down, GO FOR IT, but just keep moving, keep tapping away at it. You can’t be at your peak all year round – even athletes have periods of downtime – so allow this to happen but try to remain active at the same time.

Autumn/Winter can be the best time of year to workout outdoors I think, if you are wrapped up nicely. Nature is full of fabulousness at the moment and I find that helps to motivate you and feel grateful for being able to move and be outside.

If you’re a cold creature and getting out is not an option don’t let your fitness and wellbeing fall to the wayside – workout indoors? Join a gym or club, or workout at home. There are so many workouts from Yoga to HIIT online to get you going and keep those endorphins pumping through winter.

Stay Strong Inside and Out

If you need a boost, which we all do from time to time, look firstly to your diet rather than supplements. Make sure you are including lots of natural immune boosters in your meals – think garlic, ginger, mushrooms, and green tea. I start the day with a Juicepresso which is a life saver – I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or flu! It’s simple; one apple and a LARGE chunk of fresh ginger which serves two. Hey presto you are sorted.

Anne Of Green Gables

It’s an unbalancing time of year. Doing our best to rest and feel ok with that, sleep enough, move enough, eat the right foods to nourish and support us and taking time for inner reflection this time of year will enable us to to have an amazeballs Autumn/Winter!

Have fun,

Liz xxx