Most companies know by now that a healthier workforce is a happier one.

I have worked with numerous companies including Ulster Bank, AIB, SAP, The Mental Health Commission, Colgate, Danone ,Adobe and more in various ways including:

– Motivational talks

– Wellness Seminars

– Corporate Couch To 5K programmes

– In-house group Yoga and/or Meditation Classes

– In-house group Fitness classes

Get your teams moving more, eating healthier and feeling better. Enable your people to become more aware of their health and happiness. All programs are catered for the needs of your team.

Adobe-Large“Liz’s Lunch Time Spin is the most physically intense 60 minutes of our week that ensures obvious health benefits of improved fitness and weight loss but also, has definitely helped improve the team dynamic.

Each week, the class takes every individual out of their comfort zone – pushing them to achieve new levels. Doubtless the physical challenge brings out not only our natural inter-competitiveness and a heightened sense of personal achievement, however the weekly sessions also see colleagues supporting and encouraging each other throughout and with this comes an even greater sense of camaraderie and the output of positive teamwork bringing about goal achievements. 

This ensures we deal more effectively with the professional challenges we face together every day.”

– David Liddy, Adobe

colgate logo“After many failed attempts to set up a running club we engaged Liz to run a Couch to 5K programme.

Our employees – who had started and stopped or never even started  – signed up and inspired by the introductory talk, donned shorts and runners and hit the park. After only six weeks of encouragement, motivation and hard work they all ran in a Company 5K event and some went on to run 10K!

The difference that having a motivating leader who took a real interest in their success was evident in the numbers who stuck with it and felt committed to achieving the previously elusive 5K goal. Liz’s structured, gentle, firm and fun approach was the key to achieving their goals.”

– Anne Rush, ​HR Manager at Colgate Palmolive


“In February 2014, as part of the Danone health and wellbeing programme, we wanted to combine fitness and fundraising goals whilst having a fun day with colleagues.

We set a company challenge to encourage as many people as possible to run part of a marathon. To launch the initiative, I invited Liz to work with us on all aspects of running –  (from couch to 5k and beyond) nutrition and motivation.

Liz provided great training plans for all levels, took groups on evening runs and provided on-going running tips and encouragement right up to our event.

Liz’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry that is second to none.”

– Colette Coughlan, Senior Brand Manager, Danone Ireland.



I’m also currently working UNUM.  We have kicked off an 8 week Couch to 5k program.  This is a great way to build team morale and get everyone working together on something fun.  I will be encouraging the team with weekly emails giving them tips and advice on everything running related.  Our goal is to run 5k at the Park Run in Kilkenny at the end of May.


IFAThe Irish Farmers association ran towards the Great Limerick Run on May 3rd 2015.  Some of the team did 10k, others were aiming for the Half Marathon and there were even a couple doing the full marathon.  Team spirit was high and we encouraged each other with updates and photos using our Facebook group page.  Another example of how exercise can really help to bring teams together.  Go #TeamRun!