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The cleanse has helped so many of my friends and clients change their eating habits.

It really makes you wise up to the effect of caffeine and refined sugar. I still eat both but a lot less than before I started cleansing. Think of it as a chance to give you insides a rest from processed, toxic foods and breaking down the tricky combinations of everything we eat.

Afterwards, you’ll feel energised and rested, but it can be tough going. The first cleanse I did was after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I did lots of research first, because I don’t agree with dieting, and I have always been healthy and aware of the effect food and drink has on my body, but this documentary changed me and my stubborn husband for life. We attempted five days and managed three and a half – feeling ill, lethargic and having aches and fever really hammered home the message that our bodies are incredibly toxic these days, even if we do think we eat clean and healthy.

The cleanse runs for three days, every three months.

There are five cold pressed juices per day. We combine the right ingredients for energy, detoxification and normal body function so you are getting everything you need from the 15 juices: protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

You can choose between Delivery, Pick Up or Self Juice. I recommend Delivery or Pick Up if it’s your first cleanse, as it is challenging enough without having to make the 15 juices and clean up afterwards, although some people find this a nice distraction!


I send out information and advice through a mailing list before, during and after the cleanse.

But the real advantage of the emails for everyone is having somewhere to ask questions or look for support; it’s a wonderful way to remain focused and motivated. I find myself regularly wanting to give up, thinking nobody will know, but they keep me going – there is always someone mailing with a tip to help you through. Some of the guys on the cleanse come to classes too and it’s good to meet up and share our woes!

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Take a step towards changing your eating habits.